At Venture,
we believe the industry is ready for something “Different”!

The Venture Retaining Wall System has proven its structural value and has helped maintain and improve industry standards. Venture’s Delta I, Delta II, and V-12 straight split face units provide some of the highest wall unit to soil reinforcement connection values in the industry. Structural integrity is inherent with Venture’s Victory Series: Victory I, Victory II, and the Mini Vic retaining wall units.

The patented Victory Series creates a unique and unparalleled architectural appeal. The individual wall units are not easily detectable. Therefore, Victory provides Modular Retaining Wall units without the Modular Retaining Wall look. The rustic “Old World” appearance introduces a completely new look. And it is “Different”!

Cost Effective:
Reinforced Concrete vs. Modular Wall System
Wall Height Est. Savings
1′ – 6′ 5%
6′ – 10′ 10%
10′ – 15′ 15% – 20%
15′ – 20′ 20% – 30%
20′ – 30′

30% – 40%

Note: Savings may vary from region to region. Call for more information.

Easy to Install:
By design, Venture’s wall units are balanced and easy to install. Special packaging allows the use of smaller equipment. Installers have reported substantial savings in labor cost and equipment requirements.

Venture’s wall units meet or exceed industry standards and quality control is a priority for our manufacturers. Venture specifies certain production requirements which result in a high degree of dependability and quality assurance.

90 degree corners can be constructed, but with Venture’s 3′-6″ radius capability, up to 4′-0″ in height, curved walls are softer in appearance and provide a strong structural installation. A radius equal to the height of the wall is recommended for walls over 4′-0″. Wall unit set-back per course is also flexible and may be specified at 1/8″ to 2″.

By design, most modular retaining wall systems dictate the wall batter alignment (course to course set-back). This is achieved by offsets in the wall units themselves, bars, lips, pins, and other methods of alignment, which influence and possibly limit engineered wall designs and may create potential installation issues. Shear connection between wall units, and wall unit to soil reinforcement material connection strength, is influenced by and dependent upon these mechanisms, and varies from system to system.

Venture’s wall units provide flexibility in wall batter alignment and may be specified, by design, to set-back from 1/8″ to 2″ per 8″ course. Shear connection between wall units, and wall unit to soil reinforcement material connection strength, is created by the wall unit corefill material specified. (1″ to 1 1/4″ crushed rock is recommended.) Note: If design specifications require a mechanical connection between wall units and soil reinforcement material, Venture’s ABA (Anchor Bar Assembly) units can be provided. The ABA Anchors and Alignment Bars are accessories, not necessities.

The architectural appeal, which is enhanced by the shadowing effect provided by the rib configuration of the Victory wall unit, can be achieved by increasing or decreasing the wall batter alignment. This may or may not affect the soil reinforcement design, but it should be considered by the wall design engineer. A maximum set-back of 1/2″ per 8″ course is recommended to achieve the shadowing effect most commonly desired.